TODOs ♻️

A daily TODOs App I made for myself to replace the notebooks I was fillling over the years. It combines weekly planning with custom to-do lists which I was previously writing and crossing out constantly. I took a lot of inspiration from Trello which I think is great and useable in many different contexts. Not in the App Store, just useful for myself.

Go - Play With Friends 🎍

This is my only current App in the App Store and it’s also open source. Inspired by other apps that were built in the open and hoping to learn from future contributors.

Paintball BST 🎨🏀

A marketplace project I worked on from 2017-2018. I wrote it about it on my website. I was the sole developer and wrote the iOS app and backend code before migrating to Firebase.


A sprite game where I drew and made pixel art (thanks to this tutorial - written by the creator of the famous game Spelunky!). Written in 2015 in Objective-C.

old apps



Recreated old-school id Software game effects from Fabien Sanglard’s amazing blog on iOS. Running at 60 fps 😎


Analyze your app’s assets in an app™️. With sizing information and visualization for what images would look like unconstrained. The goal was to use this to find unused and improperly sized images in a project I was working on.


Handles the common design on iOS of animating UIActivityIndicatorView in place of a UIBarButtonItem that triggered an action. Installable via CocoaPods.


Inspired by the AirDrop alert on iOS. Present UIAlertController with a configurable image.


Example project for implementing Spotify’s iOS SDK - that only plays music by Future.